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 Bubble Bath
   everything but haircut

  • Full standard bubble Bath

  • De-Shedding (if applicable)

  • Blueberry Facial 

  • Hand Blow Dry

  • Brush out and comb thorough

  • Nail clipping and filing

  • Ears Cleaning

  • Ears Pluck (if applicable)

  • Sanitary Trim

  • Paw Pad Trim & scrub

  • Sanitary Trim (if applicable)

  • Bowtie or Bandana

  • Cologne

Face Feet Fanny

         Bubble Bath++


  • Mini Face trim (between eyes)

  • Mini Rounded Feet 

  • paw pad trim & scrub

  • Sanitary Area trim.

  • Bowtie or Bandana

  • Cologne

Recommended For first time puppy or  in between grooming

all over haircut


        Bubble Bath++

  • Puppy trim (one length all over + teddy bear face)

  • Outline Trim (For Double coats)

  • Short style (Summer cut)

  • Long style (Fluffy, Winter cut)


Some add-ons are optional and some are required. Please ask the groomer for more details

  • Tooth Brushing $20

  • Fancy sugar Scrubs $25+

  • Fancy powder wash $25+

  • Fancy Spa Treatment $25+

  • Difficult handling dog

  • Extra brush out by times


​         Bubble Bath++

  • Asian Fusion style

  • Hand Scissoring

  • Breed Standard/Specific Clips.

  • Coloring Optional (coming soon)

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